Molly is 33, married (to John) with one baby girl (Caroline) age 6 months.

Molly is currently staying at home with Caroline until she’s 1 year old.  Her PR firm, where she had worked her way up to being a top-tier executive before having Caroline, is holding her position.

She knows she has a great career to return to (and she definitely craves that adult interaction and feeling of success), yet she also doesn’t want to give up the freedom she’s experienced during the past 6 months

Taking her baby girl to baby storytime at the library, making Target runs in the middle of the day, and being able to work on her blog + Etsy shop every moment her daughter naps, feels like pure bliss.

Molly pretty much has 6 months left to figure out this “make money online” thing. If she wants to have John on board with her plan and feel good about it herself, she needs to me making a consistent and significant monthly revenue by the time Caroline is 1.

Tick tock, tick tock …

Molly has been dabbling in the online world for a while now.

Probably a good 5 years … gosh has it really been that long?

It used to be that when she saw posts about people making $7K per month, that it felt totally unreachable to her.  

But now she’s been exposed to so many online success stories, that $7k monthly actually seems like a small number … even though she’s NOWHERE near to that revenue herself.

Molly isn’t kidding herself.  She’s not looking for $100K months. She doesn’t want a whole team of employees. She wants a simple, straight-forward business that can easily be scaled up without spending all her time working, or thinking about it.

Making it to $10K per month, and eventually making it to $20K … that would be perfect-o!

Molly knows she has skills and expertise that is valuable and worth sharing.  But she’s still struggles with the “who am I to do this” mindset, and she can’t figure out why it never seems to be “her turn” to make it big.

During these next 6 months while Molly is at home, she plans to buckle down and treat her online work like she would a project at work ...  creating a strategic plan, focusing in on ROI, and following through.

It’s time to uplevel her mindset and approach to treating her “online thing” as a real business.

Molly is ready to make things happen.

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