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Hi, I’m summer!


Hey there, I'm Summer.

I'm going to help you build a business that WORKS.


Let me assure you, I've been where you are:

  • You're spending nights, weekends, and every hour in between working on your business

  • To-do lists are left undone, overwhelm has kicked in, and some days you feel like throwing in the towel

  • You've read the "expert advise," you're doing everything you know to do,  but the sales just aren't coming in.

  • You wish you could focus, but you wear so many business hats and don't have any assistance

I Know. I Understand.

And the Good News? There IS a Better Way

I teach passionate, creative online-based entrepreneurs to run their business using a LIVE MORE, WORK LESS business model.  a.k.a. working smarter (not harder) 

When it comes to being a LIVE MORE, WORK LESS entrepreneur, I believe in three truths:

Being an entrepreneur should allow you a life FULLER of FREEDOM, not less.

Being an entrepreneur means RUNNING your BUSINESS, and not allowing it to run you.

Being an entrepreneur should be FUN from day 1, bringing you MORE HAPPINESS to your life.

“We’ll get along just fine if you have BIG dreams for your business, but even BIGGER dreams for your life.”

— Summer Tannhauser

You could call me an "accidental entrepreneur," but I prefer freedom loving, driven, and passionate.

I started my first business on a whim as a side hustle to my full-time job.  Fast forward seven years.  Since then I've quit my job, had two children (with a 3rd on the way), become a stay-at-home Mom, and have opened two successful businesses (one local and one online) that provide me with a very much full-time income, or extremely part-time hours. Yep, that's it!  I'm as passionate about living my life, as I am about running my business.

I don't have hours upon hours to spend growing and running my business each week.  Therefore it was EXTREMELY important that I build my business in a way that allows me to have a constant stream of customers and sales (virtually set on auto-pilot) so that I didn't have to be constantly hustling for income.

To me that's what I call Freedom.  

I love being able to choose how I spend my days, not tied to any schedule, making money while I play with my children. I get to pick who my clients are and how I want to work with them.  I run a service based business, but I"m not trading time for money.  That's my freedom.

What's Yours?

We are crazy passionate business-owning entrepreneurs who have BIG ideas for making their mark on the world.

We are big dreamers, that also have the drive to put those dreams to action.  Fear is pushed aside because we know they we were meant for more. 

What I Do.

I teach creative entrepreneurs to leverage the power of content creation, social media, passive income, and evergreen strategies to create a powerful income online. 

 I'm all about real world, straight talk, to the point strategy with a touch of fun and color thrown in.  You don't find woo-woo or far flung ideas here.  

Where I'm at:

Pinterest @SummerTannhauser Pinterest has ALWAYS been my jam.  Just join me.  Don't deny those beautiful boards.  Come!

Facebook @SummerTannhauserLiveMoreWorkLess  Come give me some love and check out my FB Lives! 

Twitter @SummerKTann Tweet me!  Would love to connect and find out more about you and your biz.

Want to Know More?

Ok why not!  Here's 4 random tidbits about me.  Shhhhh don't tell ....

1.  I was an elementary school teacher for 5 years.  It turns out that I love kids and I love teaching, but not both of them together. I much prefer having kids of my own to love and saving my teaching skills for fellow entrepreneurs. 

2.  I lived on St.Lucia in the Caribbean for a semester in college. I had thought about the Peace Corps, but didn't quite jive with the 2 year commitment.  So instead I found a study abroad problem and made it happen.  Eye opening, awesome experience.

3. I own a pet sitting and dog walking company. Yep, this is my past "side hustle" turned profitable 6 figure business that was my first adventure into entrepreneurship. With a team of 15 part-time sitters, and a virtual admin team, I'm currently running it on 5-10 hours per week.  Love it!

4. I have a 5 year old daughter, a 2.5 year old son, and another son under 1.  Yep, life is crazy and we love it!