Overlooked 2 Obsessed Emails

Spring 2019

Email #1 (sent Fri, April 5th): my "simple little" business experiment


Summer here.

If you’re been around these parts (a.k.a. my email list) for a while, you probably know that I’m one of the odd-balls that actually enjoys writing emails.

(and yes, I know you've heard from me PLENTY over the last month. ;) glad to see you're still here!)

I like to wrap up the style of list building, email sequence writing, and in general the business model that I follow, into what I like to call a “simple, little business."

It’s all the result of dialing in on a simpler (not necessarily EASIER … I’m not talking “hacks” or “silver bullet” tricks here), but instead, a SIMPLER model of business.

Over the past year I've focused less on the main stream and quick growth way of doing things, and more on a way that is focused on "I"m in it for the long haul!" business growth.

It’s literally a brand new way of looking at online business.

If you’ve ever felt like you have a bunch of awesome ideas that would really help people, but are lost when it comes to where to start, what to focus on first, or how to get it out there in the best way …

... then you’re going to want to pay attention to this!

Not to mention, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the whole “launching” concept (whew, let me tell you, after the last month of being focused in on a big affiliate launch, I'm even feeling a bit burnt out ... and I'm normally enjoy launches) ....

.... well this framework that I’ve been perfecting over the past year pretty much makes complicated, multi-faceted, headache inducing launches obsolete.

(HINT: You can ditch the time-consuming social media; the FB group “hustle”; 12 hours days; or pretty much any marketing activity that makes you go {UGH!} and STILL create a highly profitable online business using this model.)

I’ll tell you all about it over the coming weeks.

I know you’re going to love it --- especially if you are someone who is doing “all the things,” and putting in the work (fitting it into caffeine-filled late nights or during the “naptime hustle”), yet you’re still watching others in your industry breeze by you …. and you’re getting left in the dust.

Like I said … I don’t do “magic bullets” or “secret hacks”.

I’m not into sugar coating things.

It’s not easy (things worthwhile pursuing never are).

But it is SIMPLE. (a.k.a. totally do-able)

And if you actually follow the system, you’ll have a profitable asset that you can continue to optimize and scale into the future, no matter what trends come and go in online business.

I’ll send you more specific tips about this new “simple, little” model of doing business shortly.

Details coming on later this weekend ... I'm guessing Sunday evening.

Look for my email. :)


Summer Tannhauser

BTW - if you’re thinking this framework of a “simple business” is going to be right up your alley, I’ll give you a tip right now.

A overarching “force” in my system is the theme: Build a Tribe + Matter.

Put more specifically this looks like:

  1. A specific group of people ...

  2. With a specific need ...

  3. That is uniquely suited to be solved by what I offer

(And if you’re thinking you don’t have anything to offer, don’t worry about it. The actual “offer” could take MANY different forms. We’ll talk more about that soon.)

The key step to making this part of the framework actually work is toestablish yourself as the ONLY possible solution (and trusted advisor) to your tribe.


Through regular guidance, communication, assistance, and true compassion for their lives and what their *real* needs are. (Thanks to Jay Abraham for explaining this concept so well.)

The simplest and most effective style for this communication?

By writing directly to your tribe (kinda like I’m doing here).

You’ve probably heard it called “email marketing” or “building your list”.

I take a bit more personal approach. But you get the gist.

And your email list WILL be an important part of my framework.

But the good news?

Your current list size is irrelevant in my system.

Seriously. :)

2 people. 200 people. 2000 people. Or more.

All I ask is that you’ve started one!

Stick around and I’ll explain exactly why this is.

Yes, I know this goes against “expert” knowledge.

Details soon … :)

Remember to keep an eye out for my Sunday email with more details on this “simple, little” system. 

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