Overlooked 2 Obsessed Emails

Spring 2019

Email #2 (sent Sun, April 7th): I'm keeping it SIMPLE, silly ;)

Hey, it’s Summer here again!

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by everything that you “think” you *should* be doing in your business, but are struggling to find the time, focus, and direction to make it happen …

… then you’re going to LOVE this!

Last Friday, I mentioned that I’ve been focusing on a framework for myonline business that focuses on keeping it SIMPLE.

The whole goal has been to develop a system that allow me (and you!) to create a freedom-focused (meaning it’s designed for automation and scaling) profitable income stream in your business within 90 days of implementation.

If you’ve struggled with what to focus on first, and how to figure out what activities you need to be doing to get the best ROI with your limited work time, then this framework is designed for you.

It makes overwhelming launches obsolete.

It cuts out the time-consuming tasks that don’t move the needle forward.

And believe it or not, it’s designed to help you monetize quickly (even if you’ve never put an offer out in your business before), while never feeling icky or sale-sy or gross.

Follow the system, and your audience will actually be THANKING YOU for selling to them. Really.

Anyways, after a year of perfecting it through trial and error, and teaching it to a beta round of students, I've put the whole framework and system into a program called ...

Overlooked 2 Obsessed {o2o} Increase your Influence. Grow your audience. Serve your tribe. (and make more money while you’re at it!)

I’m in the trenches right now getting it all ready for our next live round of the program.

I’m really excited about this, and can’t wait to show you all the details!

Like I mentioned, it’s designed to help you create a freedom-based income stream online within 90 days of implementation through the process of attracting your micro-tribe and mattering to them

Once it’s ready for our next group of studnets (real soon!) I’ll be opening up enrollment for the LIVE 9-week program.

To get on the “VIP” notification list and have an opportunity get in at waitlist/early bird pricing …

Click this link here to automatically add yourself to the VIP list. >>

(once you add yourself to the list, you'll be taken to a page where you can get advance access to a syllabus of the program!)

Remember, I told you that your list size is irrelevant for this program.

But it IS a requirement that you do have an email list (no matter what size) ... if you don't, NOW is the time to start one. :)

Next email I'll explain exactly why my framework works just as well if you've got 20, 200, or 2000 people.

I know this is GOOD news for a bunch of you. ;)

More soon ...


Summer Tannhauser

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