Overlooked 2 Obsessed Emails

Spring 2019

Email #3 (sent Tues, April 9th): your list size is irrelevant

This email is going to make a lot of people happy. :) :) :)


Because I’m about to remove one of the biggest barriers (a.k.a. excuses) that you’re probably allowing to keep yourself from getting profitable in your online business.

Think about it this way … let's say that you’ve got a date night planned with the hubby.

You’ve picked out the chic restaurant downtown that you’ve been dying to try.

You’ve booked the babysitter, and even have a second on speed dial just in case.

You’ve picked up that new shade of lipstick, taken the time to actually shave your legs, and even slapped on a coat of nail polish.

The perfect outfit is the only thing left to plan out ...

You want it to be the the type of thing that makes him think “you’re sexier than when we first met” … ooooo la la!

Not to mention making you feel amazeballs all night.

So you assess your options.

You’ve got TONS of clothes. No shortage of options.

Pieces that are tried and true “oldies, but goodies”. Dresses that have seen many a wedding dance floor. Tops that you know would be comfortable, and classic. Skirts that the hubby has mentioned that he likes on you.

You’ve got TONS of pieces that you could pick.

But instead, what do you tell yourself?

“OMG!! I have NOTHING to wear!! I absolutely MUST pick out something new before Saturday night!!”

Am I right?


And the fact of the matter is that come Saturday night as you put on your brand new shiny slip dress and strappy heels, feeling like you’re on the top of the world, strutting your stuff with confidence and charisma …

Buying that NEW outfit was absolutely the BEST choice you could have made …

*despite* having more than enough options already available at home.

NEW is exciting.

NEW is ready for action.


No one wants to figure out how they can try to accessorize and “fix up” an old outfit.

We want a NEW option. That’s what makes us feel good. That’s what is exciting.

Your email list is a just like your clothes closet.

Maybe you have hundreds or thousands or even tens of thousands on your email list.

Or maybe you have 10.

I’d 100% rather have your list of 10, if you tell me that you’re going to be adding 10 NEW people to it each and every day for the next 30 days(resulting in 300 new people by the end of the month) ….


A list of 3,000 people that is stale. That is old. This isn’t bringing in new people on a daily basis.

List size is irrelevant.

Just like your clothes closet that is filled with clothes that you don’t actually want to wear.

What does matter is those NEW pieces.

In profitable email list growth, what matters is those NEW excited, engaged, highly-targeted, perfect-fit people that you’ve got joining your tribe on a daily basis.

Now if you do this right, the way that I teach in Overlooked 2 Obsessed, there is a way to keep those subscribers fresh and fun for the long terms (and become your biggest devoted super-fans) …..

…. *if * you take care of them the right way (just like that shiny new dress).

With this framework for building a “simple, little” business you won’t ever have to worry about having list-size shame again.

In fact you can be proud of the fact (and even show-off just a little!) that your “simple, little” email list will be kicking the patooties of those giant list owners when it comes to profitability and real ROI.

How is this possible?

Good question!

That’s why I teach {o2o} Overlooked 2 Obsessed.

This program is designed to help you build your influence, dominate your niche, serve your tribe, and in the process create a brand new freedom-based income stream online within 90 days of implementation.

Enrollment for the next live round of the program will be opening soon.

If you would like to be first in line for waitlist/early bird enrollment (which gets you a few juicy extras, along with discounted pricing), simply click on this link to be added to the VIP ENROLLMENT LIST. >>

BTW - when you click that waitlist link, you’ll see a button to get advance access to the complete Overlooked 2 Obsessed curriculum. Don't miss checking that out!


Summer Tannhauser

P.S. Some of you have expressed that you’re digging this “simple, little” business system that I’ve been talking about, but you’re worried about the profitability aspect.

You might feel like you don’t have anything to offer, or you’re not sure how your services or products will fit into this model.

Just want to say, I hear ya loud and clear.

I’ll share more details soon.

But just a sneak peak.

I think you’re going to love this.

Here’s traditional methodology of online business:

  1. Create or find a product/offer ...

  2. Market that offer ...

  3. Hope that the right people find it (and want to buy it) ...

  4. Cross your fingers and try to sell it through persuasion techniques (a.k.a. to people who don’t really need it.)

Not an ideal scenario to say the least.

And definitely NOT the framework I’m teaching in Overlooked 2 Obsessed {o2o}.

The way I teach is actually PERFECT if you’re feeling a bit scattered when it comes to your offerings, or you’re not even sure what you have to sell.

This system pretty much guarantees that your peeps are going to go bonkers over whatever offer you decide to put out there.

And that’s very GOOD thing.

As always, more details to come …


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