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Spring 2019

Email #4 (sent Thurs, April 11th): the case against "GUESS" style marketing ✖️

What’s the VERY first thing you did when deciding you wanted to become an entrepreneur?

I’m taking a guess here …

but I’m thinking it was probably …

Decide on exactly WHAT you’d offer (a.k.a. sell) to make money?

Am I right?

I mean, it makes sense in a way.

The very definition of running a profitable business is providing something of value in exchange for money.

And it’s kind of fun to brainstorm all the different things you could do to be your own boss ….

  • “I’ll be a virtual assistant!”

  • “Ooooooo I’m pretty good at writing … maybe a freelance writer?

  • “I’ve heard good things about dropshipping. Maybe?”

  • “I could start an Etsy shop!”

  • “Hmmm, I have 3 kids and I've got this #momlife thing down. Maybe a coach for new moms?”

  • “I KNOW. I’ll join my friend Becky’s MLM opportunity!”

... Like I said, it’s fun to brainstorm business ideas.

But picking your actual “thing” for sale as a FIRST step to a profitable online business?


I wouldn’t recommend it.

Unless you’re in the 1% that gets lucky and hits it out of the ballpark with your first idea, it’s going to be a recipe for you to crash and burn … hard.

It’s a high-risk strategy that involves a BUNCH of time (with little to no profit).

You'll find yourself backed into a corner with an offer that you’ve put all your time, sweat, energy, and love into … and NO ONE who wants it.

Never decide on your offer first.

There is a MUCH more effective way to launch (or scale up an existing) profitable online business.

And It’s the exact opposite of how most people approach marketing and sales.

I’m not one to take huge risks or roll the dice.

I like a sure thing.

I want to know that when I put my blood, sweat, and tears into an offer, that it’s going to sell like hot-cakes.

The whole “GUESS” style of marketing that most people teach, seems waaaaaay too much like looking for a needle in a haystack for my tastes.

--> Guess about what people want.

--> Guess about what they'll actually pay for.

--> Guess about how to find them.

In fact, in my upcoming live program that I've been telling you about, Overlooked 2 Obsessed {o2o}, where I show you a framework designed to create a brand new income stream in your business within 90 days of inplementation … there is no “GUESS” work involved.

The way I like to do things …

--> You’ll KNOW who your ideal peeps are (inside + out) …

--> You’ll KNOW their pains, wants, needs, and desires …

--> You’ll KNOW what to say + how to say it …

--> You’ll KNOW where to find them ...

And then (and ONLY then) you’ll be able to indentify the EXACT offer that truly is the ideal fit (both for your audience AND for your profitability), because you took the time to *actually* CARE about your people before ever asking for a sale.

You won’t find that level of value delivery with “GUESS” style marketing.

I guarantee it.

You can continue playing the guessing game of dabbling in THIS, trying out THAT, and searching for the magical unicorn that “changes everything”.

If you enjoy rolling the dice and taking risks, maybe that’s your thing?

But not with the framework I teach in Overlooked 2 Obsessed.

I like sure things.

I'm close to being ready to open doors to our next group of students.

If you’d like an opportunity to get into our live round of Overlooked 2 Obssessed at earlybird pricing, simply click THIS LINK to be added to my Overlooked 2 Obsessed “VIP enrollment” list.

BTW - once you click that link you'll see an opportunity to get advance access to the complete Overlooked 2 Obssessed curriculum. Be sure to check that out!


Summer Tannhasuer

P.S. Maybe you’re wondering what the FIRST step to building a profitable online business IS, if it’s NOT deciding on what you’re selling.

Here’s where I would tell you to focus all your efforts ...

  1. Find a specific group of people ...

  2. With a specific need ...

  3. And become their ONLY possible solution (and trusted advisor) to that need through regular guidance, communication, assistance, and true compassion for their lives and issues.

Here’s a little visual that might help ...

Screen Shot 2019-04-09 at 11.40.30 AM.png

Notice how vastly different that is compared to the normal methodology:

  1. Create or find a product/offer ...

  2. Market that offer ...

  3. Hope that the right people find it (and want to buy it) ...

  4. Cross your fingers and try to sell it through persuasion techniques (a.k.a. to people who don’t really need it.)

See the difference?

AND I would also tell you to focus on ONE communication channel.

No fancy Facebook posts. No time-consuming videos. No battling the Instagram algorithm.

Just ...

--> Simple stories.

--> Simple words.

--> Simple communication from you to your tribe.

Any guesses as to what communication I'm talking about?




I’ll give you a few days to mull it over.

Hit reply if you think you know the answer ...

.... or look for my next email this weekend. ;)

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