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Spring 2019

Email #5 (sent Sat, April 13th): Big Guru Lists

Last month ago I took part in a big affiliate promo.

No need to name it. If you were on my list, you know which one. ;)

And if you hang out in the same “online circles” as me, you know there were literally hundreds of others promoting the same program.

FB ads galore.

Emails galore.

Promos galore.

Money spent galore.

I was playing with the “big dogs” in this one.

Comparatively, I was just a little bright-eyed and bushy tailed puppy with my “cute little” email list of just over 6,000.

We’re talking players with 20K+, 50K+ …. even 100K+ email lists.

I was pretty much a drop in the bucket.

But I decided to go “all in” with the launch regardless, and see what I could do playing in the big leagues.

“All in” is subjective though because I didn’t really spend any money on FB ads and I barely even posted on social media.

If you checked out my various channels or website, my “social footprint” would have barley even shown that I was promoting.

So how did I land on the top 25 leaderboard for lead generation against these A-Listers of the industry with their big guru lists?

I had my little list that could.

--> I shared my words. (not mindlessly copy/pasting swipe copy)

--> I shared my stories. (not straight pushy sales letters)

--> I communicated. (through MY preferred style of written words)

--> I made it personal. (building on those relationships I've developed)

--> I provided value. (providing guidance, assistance and compassion is always my goal)

Yet, this wasn’t just a “feel good” strategy ...

I was still selling.

I was still marketing.

I was still focused on profitability.

And my program, Overlooked 2 Obsessed is a blueprint for creating this exact style of a "simple little" business.

One that actually cares about it’s people ...

And in turn has people that devour anything and everything that you put out there.

The goal?

Build a tribe, matter to them, and create a lucrative “simple little business” income stream by sharing your life, your passion, your stories, your caring, and your words.

I’m putting the finishing touches on getting everything ready for our next live round, and it will be ready soon.

I'm planning on opening up enrollment next Wednesday (4/17).

To get into our upcoming live round of Overlooked to Obsessed {o2o} for earlybird pricing, just CLICK THIS LINK to be added to the “VIP enrollment” notification list.

When you click to add yourself to the VIP list, you'll also have a chance to grab a copy of the complete Overlooked 2 Obsessed syllabus.

Be sure to check that out!


Summer Tannhauser

BTW - I’ve been getting some questions about who this “simple little business framework” that I’ll be teaching in Overlooked 2 Obsessed is best suited for.

The cool thing is that this methodology works just as well if you’re:

A) brand new to online entrepreneurship and don’t have a clue about who you’ll serve or what you’ll offer

OR if you’ve ...

B) been “around the block” for a while, and you ...

…. run a online service-based business (think VA, graphic designer, etc.), OR

…. write a blog and are ready to monetize your platform, OR

…. sell MLM and need a reliable + replicatable system, OR

…. are a coach and want to diversify your income streams.

The exact business model doesn't really mater.

If you truly have a desire to interact with, and enhance people’s lives, and show them that they matter to you, then you have all the prerequisites needed to build this style of “simple little business”


This is nothing new (nothing ever is).

It’s based on “old school business principles” like relationships, and respect, and trust.

You’ve got to ask yourself ….

Are you ready to interact with and enhance your peoples' lives in a way that shows that they matter to you?

Are you ready to advise and guide your people before they ever become a paying client?

Are you ready to truly CARE and step into the leadership shoes of their trusted Go-To?

And in return, are you ready to build a highly-profitable and scalable income stream to the benefit of your devoted fans?

It’s a simple, yet life-changing methodology.

And I’ve got the plan laid out in Overlooked 2 Obsessed.

Join me on the {o2o} VIP enrollment notification list here.

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