Overlooked 2 Obsessed Emails

Spring 2019

Email #7 (sent Tuesday, April 16th): launches + challenges + funnels ... OH MY! 🦁🐯🐻

I can’t tell you how many marketing methods and business models I’ve heard over the years, touted as THE must-do thing …

Do the live launch.

Set up evergreen funnels.

Host live webinars.

Make them automated.

Run 5-day challenges.

Do Facebook lives.

Instagram Stories is where it’s at.

Create a membership site.

Make a freebie library.

Run a group coaching program.

Launch a podcast.

The list goes on …

The allure of the “next big thing” and the fear of missing out torments us all.

The thought that a new strategy or new program could be THE ONE that “changes everything” messes with your mind.

You know it, as well as do I.

It's no wonder you’re still running on the never-ending hamster wheel of entrepreneurship.

I’m guessing your WHY for being an entrepreneur is in some way related to the desire for more freedom, more money, and a greater ability to live the lifestyle that you desire.

And when the “hustle” became too much, you convinced yourself that it was only temporary.

You told yourself you’d put in the time now, and you’d sacrifice for the short term, so that you could reap the benefits and long term gains.

Problem is …

--> That’s what you told yourself late last night at 2am to the glow of your laptop.

--> It’s also what you told yourself 1 month ago as you promised your partner you’d have time for him as soon as this launch was over.

--> It’s what you told yourself on the first day of 2019, as you made a resolution that you wouldn’t spend another year consumed by your business.

--> And it’s the same lie you told yourself last year, and the year before that, and before that …

Imagine someone says to you, “HEY, guess what?! I’ve got an amazing opportunity for you!”

You want to hear more??

Ok, here’s what’s involved ….

You’ll feel super overwhelmed.

Unclear about what you should be focused on.

Isolated, with no one who understands.

There will always be too much to do.

You might even feel like you want to hide.

People won’t understand anyways.

You’ll probably rack up some debt.

Hobbies will disappear.

Less time for your kids.

No time for your partner.

Sound good?

Oh, and I almost forgot … there is NO guarantee of compensation for your work.

Can you imagine someone in their right mind saying yes to an opportunity like that?

I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t excite me.

Not. at. All.

And that’s exactly the type of business that you'll build for yourself when you (often unintentionally) jump from strategy to strategy, trend to trend, shiny object to shiny object.

What DOES excite me is providing value, serving my audience, solving *real* problems, impacting lives, AND building a highly-profitable, yet SIMPLE, business in the process that works FOR my lifestyle; NOT against it.

Now THAT is exciting.

Building a business and following a framework where all you’ll need are three things to be successful …

(1) your life experiences

(2) your passion

(3) a tribe that can’t get enough of you (a.k.a red-hot buyers that YOU *actually* care about too)

Got the first two? Good.

I’ve got the third covered.

And tomorrow I’m going to show you how to do it.

It’s all explained in my program, Overlooked 2 Obsessed {o2o}.

And it opens for enrollment tomorrow.

To make sure you’re sent all the details when it’s ready, join my VIP enrollment list by CLICKING HERE (if you haven’t already) - and once you click that link look for instructions on how you can get advance access to a copy of the complete Overlooked 2 Obsessed curriculum.

Tomorrow can't come soon enough!

(although if you clicked the link above ... I might suggest you be on the look out for something in your inbox tonight. 😉)


Summer Tannhauser

BTW - I’m thinking about throwing in a bonus or two for the first handful of people that enroll.

Gotta make sure it’s the perfect compliment to the {o2o} program. (cause that’s the only way I do bonuses)

Like I said, I’m not sure of the specifics yet, but if you’re thinking about joining this live round of Overlooked 2 Obsessed, I’d suggest nabbing your spot early.

The plan is to send out an email to officially open enrollment, tomorrow morning (4/17th) at around 9am.

I'll be keeping it SIMPLE ... a.k.a mimimal sales page, straight-forward pricing, etc. ;)

So if you’ve got questions, go ahead and send them my way now, so I can get back to you before enrollment opens up in the morning.

Or even better, go back and read through the emails that I've written you so far. I've got them all here on the blog.

Do that, and I think you'll have real sense for what this program, and myself, are all about.

See you at 9am EST in your inbox(I'll include bonus details in that email too.)

(OR if you're on the VIP Enrollment List, I'd keep an eye on your inbox tonight. 😉)