I'm going to warn you now.  This FREE course isn't your "average" Pinterest course.

You're not going to find the same cliche tips about how to gain followers, or "expert advice" that is really just common knowledge.  And if you follow this step-by-step course (AND take action!) over the next 5 days, you're not going to achieve "average" results. 

Think Pinterest is all about sprinkles + cupcakes?  Think Again.

Welcome to the NEW Pinterest: a powerful marketing machine that will completely change the way you think about running your online business.  Pinterest is the ULTIMATE social media platform for small business owners or online entrepreneurs looking for:

  • consistent website traffic and email list sign-ups
  • client leads that are actually interested in what you have to offer
  • people that are ready to put down cash money on the spot

This 100% FREE 5-day course comes directly from my experience of running an online service-based business solely on the marketing power of Pinterest. On less than 1 hour of work per week, Pinterest will become the most powerful (FREE!) list, lead, and client generation machine that your business has ever known.

No one really knows your business exists yet?  Pinterest is the number one way to make yourself highly visible to your ideal clients, and quickly.

Side-hustling your business to get it off the ground? Pinterest is going to give you the biggest return on the smallest amount of time invested out of ANY social media platform (when implemented the *right* way).

Ready to make Pinterest work FOR you?

 This is the ultimate 5 DAY PINTEREST COURSE that teaches you the exact strategies to make Pinterest WORK for your business.  The good news?  You don't need thousands of follower to find success with Pinterest marketing. (and did I mention it's FREE!)

The strategies I teach in this course focus on the things that matter - driving traffic, generating clients, and making money from Pinterest leads.  Each day you'll receive a mini-lesson in your inbox that can be implemented right away.

Here's what we'll cover:

  • 4 ways your Pinterest profile is costing you clients and money (and what you can do to change that)
  • 3 surprising reasons no one wants to follow you on Pinterest
  • How to generate "SEO Juice" through a proven Pinterest board strategy
  • The Viral Pin Formula for guaranteed repins + traffic (plus a FREE cheatsheet)
  • Should you delete pins? and 6 other common Pinterest myths debunked
  • The ultimate pinning plan for maximum results - exactly what, when, + how to pin

Straight shooting step-by-step strategies to get traffic, leads + paying clients from Pinterest.



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Hi! I'm Summer. I teach creative online-based entrepreneurs to create their dream business by building a list, gaining leads + securing paying clients through the powerful duo of Pinterest + website strategy.  Come join me!