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Get the EXACT swipe copy email sequence I use, for promoting + profiting from your next webinar

Webinar Email Sequence

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What you'll get in The ULTIMATE Webinar Email Sequence

Webinars are the BEST way to standout, become an expert, and sell effortlessly. 


This step-by-step swipe copy email sequence is designed to give you the exact emails that you'll need to setup a profitable webinar - no matter your business or industry.  

This is the EXACT email sequence that I used to pitch, promote, and profit from my signature webinar that brought in over 1/3 of my sales during my last launch. 

Here's what you'll learn ....

+ Step 1: Webinar Sequence Email Schedule

Every webinar has three key phases: the promotion, the day-of pitch, and the post-webinar follow up.  Each of these stages requires emails that ensure your audience actually shows up, gets them ready to buy, and lays out exactly how this is a "no-brainer" offer!

 If you miss any of these essential phrases of emails, you're giving up MAJOR sales potential.  You'll learn EXACTLY what to send and when, so that you have a complete day-by-day email promotion schedule, allowing you to sit back, and let the sales role in on auto-pilot. 

+ Step 2: The Day Before Reminder + Excitement Building Email

This is the email that starts ramping up the excitement about your live event.  People may have signed up for your webinar days ago.  And let's be honest.  They probably didn't put it on their calendar.  

This is your chance to amp up the volume, and get them ready to attend LIVE.

+ Step 3: Morning of Remainder + Live Link Email

It's the big day!  Here's your chance to convince your audience one more time that your webinar is worth their LIVE attention.  Give them their "entry ticket" link, entice them with the incredible benefits you'll be offering, and hint about all the "goodies" for those LIVE viewers! 

+ Step 4: Going Live Reminder + Live Link Email

Now's the time! Our main goal is to get your audience to SHOW UP.  Those people that make the effort to arrive live and in person, are your prime audience members, ready to buy.  Let's get them there!

+ Step 5: Replay + Social Proof + Recap Email

This email starts our post-webinar promo sequence (SUPER important!).  If you skip this step, you'll likely miss out on over 1/2 of your potential sales.  Don't do it!  

This email delivers your replay and convinces those that couldn't make it, that your replay is CAN'T MISS content. We want them watching too!

+ Step 6: Reminder of Deal + FAQ + Testimonials Email

Time to blow their socks off! Hit them with your best client testimonials, remind of them of #allthethings they are getting in your "no brainer" deal, and answer all those lingering questions.  A confused client doesn't buy, so let's lay it all out there for them!

+ Step 7: Last Chance Email

Let me tell you a secret .... (pssst) people like to wait until the last minute to buy.  Don't miss this email.  Don't skip it because you feel like you've emailed "too much."  

This is the email that will get people off the fence, and make a decision before time runs out.  But you've got to do it the right way to not come off as annoying and "salesy."  We'll show you exactly how to knock this one out of the park!

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letting you set up your powerful webinar email sequence in no time.

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