A tale of 2 women :: 2 entrepreneurs :: 2 businesses :: 2 very different outcomes

The Online Entrepreneur's Journey

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This story is the most important thing that you’ll find on this entire website, AND I’m confident that if you *actually* read it, it has the potential to change the entire trajectory of your entrepreneurial journey.

If you’re going to read it, promise me now that you’ll follow through.

Read it in entirety. (most people won’t)

And then really think about what it’s telling you.  (most won’t take the time).

Molly and Sam are not real, live humans. But their traits, their mistakes, and their outcomes -  are 100% real.

They are in many ways the same … around the same age, education, family, background, and experience …

But here’s the kicker.

One is killing it in her online business. Like absolutely crushing it.

And other is thinking about “closing up shop”, and cutting her loses. (‘cause the amount she’s bringing in is barely covering her morning coffee)

You ARE one of these ladies.

If you read these two ladies’ entrepreneurial journey in entirety (remember, most people won’t), you’ll discover the crucial differences between them.

The good news is that this scenario isn’t like the name your parents gave you at birth.

Once a Molly, NOT always a Molly.  Once a Sam, NOT always a Sam.

If you decide that you want to change who you are at the very core (‘cause that’s what it takes) ...

It won't be easy.

It won’t be popular.

It won’t be the way of the “guru’s”.

Sorry, that’s the truth.

But the rewards, the outcome, the business and life that’s on the otherside of that transformation ….

I’d go to the edge of the earth to reach it.

But you've got to make that decision for yourself.

I’m going to take you behind the scenes of a (very) DIFFERENT approach to online business.

Maybe you’ll like it. Maybe not.

Your choice.


Moment of truth …. Are you a Molly or a Sam?

(the difference is in the details)

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