Samantha looks at the opportunity that she has online with a completely different mindset.


There is no chasing of “opportunities”.

She’s been able to reel in her tendencies to be attracted to “shiny, new objects”.

And most importantly, she doesn’t ….

  • switch directions

  • make a shift (every month)

  • try new things

  • “dabble”

  • create new offers

  • invest in new systems

  • go “all-in” with the shiny new tool

… or any of those other “phrases” thrown around when we try to justify why we never stay focused on ONE core business model, with ONE core offer, with ONE core purpose.

Samantha … please, call her “Sam” … is in this for the long haul.

There is no “if this works out” in her mind.

Sam is building an asset.

She doesn’t have any more time in her day than Molly.  Both are busy with kids, family and responsibilities.

But Sam is strategically focused.

She only gives her attention to one goal ... build her trible and MATTER to them.

Her time is never spent chasing "hacks" or "flash in the pan" opportunities or quick "money makers".

Sam is building a BUSINESS.

She realizes that there are MANY paths that her business *could* take.

She *could* be doing webinars, or going “all-in” on Instagram, or developing JV relationships, or doing big Product Launch Formula style launches, or any number of other strategies that others claim as “THE thing that changed everything.”

But instead Sam has embraced a few core concepts to guide every decision she makes in her business.

She decided early on that shs would put her focus on:

  1. Serving a specific group of people ...

  2. With a specific need ...

  3. That were ideally suited to her.

And Sam would become their ONLY possible solution (and trusted advisor) in her niche through regular guidance, communication, assistance, and TRUE compassion for their lives.

Remember when I mentioned the Strategy of Preeminence earlier? 


Instead of falling in love with her products and offers, Samantha decided to fall in love with her PEOPLE.

Molly would have thought “What do I have to offer, and what do I need to say, to get people to buy?" …

While Sam thinks ...

-->What do I have to give?

-->What big benefit and life-changing outcome will I help my people achieve?

→ How can I make my people understand that they MATTER, and that their success and their lives are important to ME?

Samantha understands that the days of “plug-n-play” guaranteed success formulas are over.

But Samantha isn’t worried since she is not putting all her eggs into formulaic, impersonal launch plans anyways.  

Samantha is building a tribe.

A specific mini-segment of people that she is uniquely suited to serve.

She’s positioning herself as their trusted mentor.

THE ideal person to guide them in their current situation.

And Sam doesn’t wait for them to become clients.

She’s providing value, and caring, and building trust through her words and actions and content long before money ever exchanges hands.

Molly sells (*or at least tries to sell*) offers and products.

Sam, on the other hand,  provides life-changing value and solutions to issues that her tribe truly struggles with and is looking to her for answers to.

The difference between these two mindsets and outlooks on business, and the actions that result ...



The difference:

1) beyond-your-wildest-dreams SUCCESS


2) a luke-warm, slow roll towards ultimately closing up shop

Sam gets it.

She doesn’t have more time, or more smarts, or more strategy than anyone else.  

None of those things will ever make the ultimate difference.

Sam has decided that SHE will be THE person.

THE solution.

THE mentor to HER people.

And EVERYTHING that she does expresses that desire, that commitment, and that caring that she has for them …

... Every single day.

This isn’t just a “feel good” business strategy that makes Sam happy, but never turns into anything remarkable.

Not even close. 

This is a smart, strategic, caring, PROFITABLE (yet simple) business model that provides REAL solutions to REAL problems, that are actually worth solving.

The moment I changed my mindset … and became a Sam … the entire trajectory of my business changed overnight.  

I had no desire to “try out” the latest new-fangled strategy or veer off course and down multiple rabbit holes like I used to do all the time as a "Molly." 

It would have been short-sited and irresponsible of me.

NOW I had a tribe.

NOW I had a purpose.

And for the first time in my entire entrepreneurial journey ...

I felt 100% confident that what I was doing MATTERED.

AND that it had the incredible ability to completely change and transform others’ lives .

(for the better)

The goal?

Build a tribe, matter to them, and create a lucrative “simple little business” on 60 minutes a day by sharing your life, your passion, your stories, your caring, and your words.

I made a decison that set me free from the burden that my business had become.

I dove in.

It was scary.

It was hard.

I took a chance. 

I rolled the dice ...

And it completely changed my world.

choose to matter. I choose to care. I choose to do it my way. And I choose make it happen with my core values held high.

Will you? 

It may be time for you to finally make your decision.

~Summer Tannhauser,