5 Case Studies on the Power of Pinterest Marketing

For the past year I've been working with students and clients to improve their Pinterest strategy, and skyrocket their traffic, leads, and sales for their businesses and blogs.

I’ve created a free 5-day Pinterest course that over 1K students have worked their way through, I’ve held multiple free online workshops, I’ve written “share-all” blog posts, and I’ve worked with hundreds of students in my signature Pinterest course, Pintastic Profit Plan.

I love when students get back to me after implementing even just 1 or 2 of the strategies that I teach, and get these incredible little “wins,” that really encourage them to keep going and fully implement a complete and strategic Pinterest strategy.

Today I want to share with you the results from 5 different people who I have worked with on their Pinterest strategy in some way.

Whether it be as a student in one of my courses, or someone who participated in one of my other free trainings, these ladies have achieved some incredible results!  But before we dive in, if you KNOW that you’re ready to increase your traffic, leads, and sales for your business or blog, but don’t know where to start, then I’ve got something for you!  

And now, on to the Pinterest case studies!

Elisa Giorgio from Single Mama Blueprints was able to add over 50 followers in less than 24 hours!  

“I just wanted to say thanks for this e-course! All I did was update my profile and description yesterday and already have picked up 51 followers! Holy cow! I know followers aren’t the ultimate goal, but it was that instant gratification I needed to keep moving forward :)” ~Elisa

Casey Evans from Baipai Creative was finally able to wrap her head around how to plan out a successful Pinterest strategy!  

“I've had my Pinterest account for several months, however I've always known that my Pinterest game wasn't even in the right zip code!  I found your course, and just did it all in 5-hours!  Now I'll be the first to admit that I have A LOT more homework to do!  I didn't cut corners exactly, I just did a fast-track, doing some very minimal trials and testing, playing around with it along the way really.

Well guess what?  I've doubled my followers in the past hour (LOL, it's true, but I only went from 2 to 4)!  Just off of ONE (!!) new pin that follows your methods (the rest of my boards and pins are still a mess!).  But let me tell you, that alone, on top of the makeover I'm doing to add my photo, better "about" and board descriptions, etc, has given me tons of confidence and a great sense of accomplishment today.  So I genuinely want to thank you for making that impact on me!” ~Casey

Chakayla Taylor from ChakaylaJTaylor.com was able to increase exposure and traffic for her blog! 

“THIS is what I call a Pinterest come up! Since taking your course, my profile impressions are through the roof. After tweaking my Pinterest profile to reflect my target audience (instead of my obsession with cupcake recipes) and creating branded (and beautiful) pins, my impressions have increased everyday since completing your Pinterest course. You are truly the Pin whisper!” ~ Chakayla



Holly from Create Alchemy was able to design a Pin that went viral based on what she learned!  

Checking in again because one of my pins went viral (222 repins last I saw!) and my audience has grown even more since I last emailed you. I'm at 929 today and I'm projected to break 1000 by Friday. (I only had about 160 followers and 600 pins when I started). I have 2074 pins now with hardly any work.

Now I just have to recreate the magic of that pin that went viral, and I think I'll have cracked the code. But the most exciting part is logging into Pinterest and seeing that red notification alert at the top with a 10+ inside it. :)


And finally, I want to go even more in-depth, and share with you the full case study of Morgan Nield of the Etsy Shop, Little Highbury, after going through my course.  Morgan is already a highly successful, multiple six-figure business owner, that is sold on the opportunity that Pinterest gives her to increase her audience and exposure for her business even more!  Now she is teaching other small business owners how to turn their Etsy side-hustle into a full time business at MorganNield.com.

Here’s a quick interview with Morgan on her experience with my Pinterest course ...

Q: Tell us about you and your online business.

Morgan: I’ve run a multiple six-figure Etsy shop for about 2 1/2 years, and throughout the process, I got A LOT of questions asking for tips + tricks for selling on Etsy. These were always my favorite questions to answer! So I decided to start a new business that would help handmade sellers effectively market their business + convert followers into profitable sales.

I started this completely from scratch— no email list, no social media following, and a brand new website. It was daunting to say the least! I knew that I wanted to focus a lot of my energy on Pinterest strategy, but I also knew that I needed a clear plan if I wanted to succeed.

Q: What were your goals before you started the course?

Morgan I started from square 0 — absolutely nothing. It was a completely new experience for me going from selling physical product to an online service, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I KNEW that I wanted to hit around 1,000 Pinterest followers in the next 12 months, and I wanted to have Pinterest be my largest traffic-driving source. At the very basis of it, I guess you could say that my real goal was just to convert at least 1 client through Pinterest to prove to myself that I could make a business out of this!

Q: Tell us about your experience starting your Pinterest account.

Morgan: I was that awesome horrible case-study story that started out with 15-20 boards with 10-15 pins on each featuring everything from home decor to recipes to kids crafts— you know, the stuff that I was interested in. It was a hot mess, to say the least, and I had NO idea what I was doing. I was trying to use my Pinterest business account as if it was a personal one (yeah….)

I finally stumbled upon Summer’s free Pinterest Power class (on Pinterest, of course!) and immediately signed up. Lesson 1 came into my inbox and I KNEW that I had found something awesome :)

The next couple of weeks were spent optimizing my Pinterest boards, getting a decent number of pins on each, and making Pinterest-optimized graphics that linked back to my blog. Summer was SO generous in all of her information.

Q: Did you achieve concrete results from taking the course?

Morgan: Oh my gosh, yes! I seriously was stuck on 149 followers FOREVER. Seriously. Like I would gain 2 a week and then lose 2 that next week. It was frustrating and disheartening to say the least.

Once I implemented Summer’s tactics + optimized my boards for getting more views, I was AMAZED at how effectively I started to grow my followers! I’ve been following her strategies for about 2 months now and am almost at 800 followers (which is HUGE for me!). I gain around 60-80 followers/week on a consistent basis and only spend around 30 min/week on Pinterest in total!

Q: What was your biggest takeaway?

Morgan: I absolutely LOVE what Summer said about not losing sight of why we’re really on Pinterest—to get people to our website + convert! Sometimes I get so caught up in pinning other people’s content (which is great!) that I forget to pin my own! I’ve since come up with a “pinning schedule” that reminds me to pin 2-3 of my own pins for every 10-15 pins from other people. It helps keep my content new + fresh, but without bogging people down with shameless self-promotion.

After those 5 case studies, are you convinced now that Pinterest is a MUST for any business or blog?  I hope so!

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