3 Ways to Set up Your Evergreen Sales System Without ever Emailing your List!

3 Ways to Set-Up your Evergreen Sales System Without Ever Emailing your List!

Hey, hey! We're back for Video #4 of our 8 week Passive Income Series.  Each week I'll be posting a new video and blog post on the topic of automated sales of online courses and digital products.

Missed any of the other lessons in the series? Check them out, and then jump back in here, and let's get going with Week #4!

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Week #3: So ... You Launched. NOW WHAT?!

You'll be able to get a great recap of the week's passive income topic by reading the blog post, but if you really want to go in-depth into the content, I suggest watching the full video post below! 




In Video #3, we looked at “So ... you launched. NOW WHAT?!". We discussed ...

  • The pro’s and cons of evergreen launches vs. open/close launches

  • How to decide which strategy the best fit for you and your business

  • 4 ways to know if your course is ready to be put into an evergreen passive income system


This week we’re looking at exactly what these evergreen passive income systems may look like for you.

I’m giving you 3 strategy options to pick from, that will never involve emailing your current list.  Woohoo!

So you don’t ever have to worry about overwhelming your list, or pitching them the same product multiple times.  I’ll also be share with you my favorite of these 3 evergreen systems, and why I believe it’s the best place to get started with setting up your own system.


This system is based on creating content that sells your course or digital product for you.  Normally this strategy works best for lower priced products that can be more of an “impulse buy,” versus a course that costs several hundred or more dollars.

Ideas for this type of content creation sales strategy include: 

+ Creating a series of blog posts based on your course topic

+ a case study post of your most successful student

+ a mini-lesson directly from your course content

+ a Q+A of the most commonly asked questions on your course topic

+ Reviews/testimonials, mixed in with what students from your course have achieved

+ a keyword focused post on one specific topic in your course

+  case study of your own personal transformation and experience with your course content

Each blog post will specifically be optimized for sales of your product or course.  So we’re going for a direct sale here.  Someone reads your blog post, and decides right away that they want to purchase.  That’s why this strategy works best for lower priced courses/products, because not as much trust needs to be built up first for someone to take a chance on small price point.

We’ll do things like include calls to action at least 2-3 times in the post, show screenshots from directly within the paid product, and prove why it’s a worthwhile purchase directly through that content that we create.


By implementing an affiliate program, you can take the content creation strategy that we just talked about to the next level.  

In an affiliate program, you’re giving your course students the opportunity to share their own experience with your course, and then any sales secured by someone coming through their content and affiliate links, they receive a percentage of the sale price, for their effort.  

This allows your affiliate to create blog posts or social media posts that do the selling for you.

This sometimes works even better because it’s someone else giving their personal experience and testimonial on what your course was able to help them acheive.

You can super-charge an affiliate strategy by making your you have a quality affiliate program, including:

+ Swipe file of social media graphics to use

+ Graphics or screen shots to use on their blog

+ Ideas on the type of blog posts they might write

+ Sentence starters and rough outlines of emails they can write to their list, including the affiliate link for sales

It’s really important to set your affiliates up right, making it easy for them to share your course.

You can take this up another level by setting up affiliate webinars, where you host the same webinar over and over again for different hosts.  The host will receive affiliate sales for any purchases on the webinar.  

The affilate will be the one responsible for promoting the webinar to their email list (not you), so it’s their job to get the people signed up, and then it’s your job to deliver the content and convert sales.


(My personal favorite, and where I believe the large majority of people should start.)

This specific strategy is the primary way that I run my automated evergreen system, although I do use the other two strategies that we just talked about as well.

The free mini-course sales funnel strategy involves getting your potential customers to opt-in to your email list through a free mini-course that you’ve created on the same topic as your paid course.  It’s often 5-7 days of content, followed by a sales sequence promoting the sale of your paid course.

And don’t miss your chance to steal my EXACT "mini-course" sales funnel to use as a model to create your own funnel that brings in clients on auto-pilot while you sleep!

I’m giving you my Complete Sales Funnel Swipe File, that includes the exact swipe copy of my 6 automated sales funnel emails, my complete email schedule, and a behind the scenes look at the tools + software that run it all! You'll see exactly why each type of powerful funnel email is a must-have to turn your funnel into a 24/7 sales machine. AND how you can do the same! 

(Plus you’ll receive access to the entire "The GOOD Stuff" Traffic, Conversion, and Passive Income resources Bundle for free!)

 (Plus you’ll receive access to the entire "The GOOD Stuff" Traffic, Conversion, and Passive Income resources Bundle for free!)

Reasons I love this system:

+ a free mini-course is perceived a “high value” opt-in, so it can often be easier to get someone to sign up for a free course vs. something like a checklist.

+ It’s gives you an authentic reason to collect their email address, and email them regularly, since they’ll be receiving an email for each day of the mini-course.

+ You’re building your email list in the process

+ There are so many different ways you can present the content based on your strengths/preferences:

  • could be all email based

  • could include additional downloads

  • could include recorded video/slides

  • could include replays of live streams you’ve done

  • could include interaction in a FB group or community

+ Lots of opportunity to up-level your content.  Start out simple - just email based; and then make your next edition even better!

+ Done right, people will feel like they got tons of valuable out of your free content, and of course can’t wait to check out your paid stuff, since they know it’s going to be even better!

When I started with my first free email course it was simple text emails, and that was it.  

It was one of the first opt-in offers I ever created, and it was probably the best decision I ever made!

 It’s been responsible for bringing in over 1/2 of my total email subscribers, and has been my signature “freebie” that people now share on their own accord because it’s so valuable.

Of course just setting up a free course by itself isn't going to bring in the sales.  

You got to:  

  • structure the emails in a way that primes your students to be ready for your paid course

  • add the urgency factor

  • actually ask for the sale

  • and many more nuances!

But if you get this right …. you’ve got a gold mine that is going to pay for itself and the time you put into creating it, over and over again.

And once you’ve got an free email course sales system in place, you don’t have to worry about the actual “selling part” anymore.  The email course does that for you, and your main focus becomes geting more traffic and more leads into your sales funnel.


To recap, I've given you 3 ways to set up an automated sales system for your online course:

 + Content Creation Sales System - creating  blog posts + content in a way that guides people to purchasing your paid product/course.

+ Affiliate Based Sales System - creating an affiliate system that allows others to share about your course, and receive a percentage of course sales in return.

+ Free Email Course Sales System - creating a free email course that provides value and sells your paid course for you.

Of course there are more strategies as well, but these are 3 of my favorites to get you started.

As you start to think about what type of evergreen sales system you want to set up, you might be thinking …. this sounds like a lot of work.  

And you know what …. you’re right it is!

But in next week’s video I’m going to breakdown the exact ROI, or return on investment, in terms of what you have to gain if you set up this system strategically from the start.

We’ll be looking at:

  • Why courses are THE way that some of your favorite and most successful online entrepreneurs are leveraging their time, and getting incredible returns on it.

  • Why this is a super smart investment of your time, no matter what stage you are in your business.

  • About how long this is going to take to set up.

  • What you can expect in terms of how many people will be converting to actual sales through your evergreen system.

But for now, I’d love to hear which of these 3 evergreen sales system options you most excited about implementing in your own business.  

Is it the content creation system, or the affiliate based system, or maybe it’s my favorite too - the free email course sales system?  Let me know in the comments which you’re ready to implement, and then I’ll catch you next week for the next video.

Finally, if you haven’t yet, but sure to grab the my Passive Income Checklist + Automation Swipe File that covers all of the items you need in place to create a stream of passive income with digital products such as ebooks or online courses.

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