How to Launch without it Taking Over your Life

Launch your online Course WITHOUT it taking over your life! Launching | Online Sales | Launch Strategy

Too often a launch of a online course or digital program can become a "big scary monster" that takes over your life.

Your mood changes, suddenly you're snapping at everyone, your family tries to stay out of your way, and you're pretty much tied to your laptop for the week. When you do try to take time away from the launch, you're constantly destratcted by trouble shooting issues on your phone and potential customer emails, that you can't ever enjoy your time.

Sound familiar? Yeah ... I've done it too. 

In this video I'm talking about how I'm refusing to let a launch take over my life, and simple strategies that you can implement to create a much more stress free launch that works WITH your lifestyle, instead of against it. 

Summer Tannhauser

I'm Summer! I help LadyBOSS entrepreneurs build their dream businesses through rock solid action + advice, with more happiness, less overwhelm, and full of freedom.