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Hi, I’m summer!


Even though I knew something had to change in my life and business


It wasn’t clean sailing.

I knew the internet held the answer in some way.

But I just didn’t know how.

Or what.

Or where to look.

Prior to my petcare business taking off I’d tried a few things online ... “lifestyle” blogging, opening an Etsy shop (trying to sell blinged-out pacifiers … seriously. LOL), and I’d been consuming online marketing info for as long as I could remember.

My bookshelves, podcast archives, and the download folder on my laptop were full of the stuff.

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So much consumption.  Yet so little action, up until now.

So I went back to the drawing board again.

I tried booking honeymoon trips for newlyweds.

I took B-School.

I offered business strategy consultations.

I wrote blog posts.

I designed, and redesigned, and redesigned again my website.

Some things worked. Some didn’t.

But nothing truly lit my fire. Nothing grabbed me as being “IT”.

Finally, while I was still floundering around, I wrote this blog post in which I explained the Pinterest strategy that I’d used to book clients for my fledgling honeymoon travel business, and I entered it into a blog contest on Blackburg Belle blog.

Out of 63 entries, I was one of the 5 choosen winners.


What I wrote actually mattered to someone???

Suddenly I had people visiting my website.

I had 20 comments on the post in a matter of days.


I was receiving emails letting me know how encouraging and helpful my post was to them.  

People were actually signing up for my email list.

And most importantly, I finally saw myself as having a skill that mattered.

I realized that I knew something that wasn’t common knowledge.   And I knew how to share it in a way with others that mattered.

From the wise words of Russell Brunson ...


I’d found my momentum.

My spark.

That little win was the difference between me giving up again and actually giving this a shot.

In that moment, I’d found my niche. My reason. My people. What I was to be known for.

And I kept moving forward was my new found focus as a “Pinterest expert”.

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I spent 2016 and the first part of 2017 trying to do all the “right” things….

--> Building my email list through a free Pinterest course that I developed as my “signature” opt-in freebie.

--> Taking on Mariah Coz and other influencers as beta testers of my Pinterest strategy services.  

--> Developing an online course of my own and selling it for $97 to the tune of a $5K first launch and then later scaling up to five figure launches.

--> Starting to see opportunities come my way …. being featured on Teachable, on Inc.com, and on multiple summits and podcasts.

My name became a go-to resource whenever people inquired about Pinterest marketing.

Things were going fairly swimmingly.

And I had “all the things” going on.

And you’d probably think I’d found success from the outside looking in ...

But in reality my world was spinning out of control.